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Testing your KCOM broadband performance
Tips for an accurate speed test
1. Test your speed on a PC or Laptop, not an iPad / tablet PC or Smartphone.
2. Connect your PC or laptop to your router with the Ethernet cable (usually yellow) we provided (don't use a wireless connection or powerline adaptor).
3. If you usually connect wirelessly, please turn off the wireless adapter on your computer before running the speed test.
4. Make sure no-one else or any other device at home is connected to your broadband.
5. Reboot your router by switching it off and back on again after a minute or longer.
6. Wait for the lights on your router to stabilise (stop flashing) and the internet light to come on before you start the speed test.

My speed isn't what I expected -
How old is your equipment? Older or less powerful PCs and laptops may affect the accuracy of your speed test results and they are less able to support higher broadband speeds.
Testing via Wifi? WiFi has its own inherent limitations, please use an ethernet cable connected to the router to accurately test.

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